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TOP funtionality for TOP traders

Professional-Grade Expert-Level Options Platform With An Extensive Set Of Advanced Studies And Tools For Active Options, Stocks, Futures, Forex, And Crypto Traders Including The Patented AutoUFOs® And AutoClimate™ Apps

TOP for quotemedia (colors)
Market Data Only

Broker Agnostic: Plan your trades with TOP and execute with your current broker - Market Data provided by QuoteMedia (US Equities & US Options)

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Market Data + Execution

TradeStation® Solution: Plan your trades and execute your orders all done within TOP - Market Data and Execution provided by TradeStation®

  • Chart Mix

    Advanced Charts And Options Tools Giving Traders An Edge

  • Chart AutoUFOs

    Identify Un-Filled Orders (UFOs)

    The patented AutoUFOs® functionality plots price regions in a chart where potential BUY and/or SELL Orders are in a pending state
  • Chart AutoClimate

    Assess The Market Environment

    AutoClimate™ defines the current market environment and therefore helps when planning a new trade to be executed
  • Stock Sectors And Groups

    Break Down The Markets Into Groups

    The group rotation tool gathers all of this information and performs Trend and Strength computations applied to the mid-term as well as to the long-term displaying what could be seen as a market map
  • Chart Strength

    Sector & Group Strength And Trend

    The Trend/Strength study plots the Stock, Group and Sector Trend/Strength histograms on the same price chart
  • Chart Turning Points

    Project Upcoming Turning Points

    Entries or Exits: The speedbump tool projects price areas where relevant turning points are likely to happen
  • Chart Elliott Wave

    Identify New Elliott Waves Automatically

    The wave tool indicates the potential beginning and end of price waves for ultrashort-term, short-term, mid-term and long-term traders
  • Chart Candlesticks

    Objective Candlestick Pattern Detection

    The candlestick pattern tool identifies candlesticks formations that represent key information objectively
  • Chart Cone

    Define Probable Trading Price Ranges

    The probability cone and the probability envelope project prices into future dates based on historical or implied volatility
  • Chart Options Volume Map

    Options Volume Map

    Patented way of visualizing options enabling traders to quickly analyze and detect Options Volume imbalances between the call volume and put volume
  • Chart Options Open Interest Map

    Options Open Interest Map

    Patented way of visualizing options enabling traders to detect the most relevant potential support and resistance levels
  • Chart Options Replay

    Back-Test Options Plays In No Time

    The Options Replay study enables traders to initiate any options strategies on a past date by retrieving historical options data automatically
  • Options Skew

    Easy-To-Find Smiles And Frowns

    The options skew tool allows to detect unique situations where options contracts show an exceptional behavior
  • Chart Continuous Implied Volatility

    X-Ray IV For Calls & Puts In Real-Time

    The continuous implied volatility study plots the real-time Call IV and the real-time Put IV separately which allows traders to spot key divergences between calls and puts
  • Options Chain

    Historical And Real-Time Options Chain

    The chain functionality allows to simplify the options selection process thanks to the use of smart filtering and highlighting menu options
  • Options Ideal Strike Selection

    Strike Selection Beyond Standard Models

    Helping traders to identify the ideal strike zone that has the highest probability to breakeven based on the Chebyshev rule
  • Options Strategy Builder

    Build Smart Options Plays With A Wizard

    Automatically generates several optimized options strategies for the trader to select from based on risk, break-even, potential profit and/or loss as well as the ROI
  • Options Spread Select

    3, 2, 1: Set, Filter, Go!

    Applies the advanced filter to unlimited strategies built automatically to easily accept the most advantageous spreads and discard the rest (ROI, risk, reward, target date, etc.)
  • Options Projection

    What-If Analysis With Projection Tool

    The Projection study assists traders to measure potential profits and losses and more on any given day as things change before or during the life of the trade
  • Options Matrix

    Real-Time All-Asset Scanner

    Server-side real-time multi-criteria scans including options symbols
  • Options Quotes And Positions

    Log, Track, Report And Manage Positions

    The quotes and positions tools allow to insert, copy/paste and edit all sort of simple and complex options and non-options trades

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J.C. Feo
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Removing the emotions from trading
G. Sanchez
TradeStation Technologies Inc

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