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Analyzes any and all financial markets looking for signs that denote the potential existence of Un-Filled Orders (to either buy or sell).

Plots buy and sell “UFOs” on price charts (shaped as round flying saucers). Traders use them to define entries, stops and targets with great precision. Traders often combine other techniques (Fibs, Support/Resistance, Technical Indicators, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands®, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis/Value Investing, etc.) and make sure their entries and exits coincide with a UFO on the chart to potentially add odds to their trade ideas.​

Is also used by large commercial companies looking to hedge the currencies, commodities and more they use in such businesses. In case you haven’t guessed, UFO is the acronym for Un-Filled Orders.

Is available for the following platforms:
Works with all TradingView Plans including Free Basic
Works with or without a NinjaTrader Account
Built-in the TRADDICTIV® Options Planner
MONTHLY & YEARLY Subscriptions Available
AutoUFOs® for TradingView comes for FREE with most TRADDICTIV® Courses

Monthly, Yearly & Lifelong Subscriptions are available at

Trading Courses are automatically included with Yearly subscriptions
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What other professionals are saying

The tools provided by Traddictiv will elevate your trading and save you time
Fang Y.
Monex Group
I am using the UFOs to decide where I am going to put my stops
J.C. Feo
Head Trader & Options Principal
Removing the emotions from trading
G. Sanchez
TradeStation Technologies Inc

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