We are a TRADing technology company located in financial Singapore;

We ADD value and performance to our Global customers around the World;

Our products are ADDICTIVe like the financial markets;

We are aCTIVe;



Trading, investing even hedging is supposed to be lucrative and pleasurable but the fact is that the majority of market participants do not achieve their objectives unless that market conditions have been in their favour for a long time, which in the end, is a factor of luck.


As market technology experts we understand the various reasons why investors and traders struggle. To summarise them all in one, the main problem is that being human, often subjectivity and emotions take control and this makes things quite complicated.


The beauty of technology is that it can eliminate this issue as computers always act as machines.


This fact together combined with our passion for the electronic financial markets are our major sources of inspiration.


The following questions (compact list) should help you identify how far you have mastered the financial markets and understand better where we are coming from as a company devoted to help traders, investors and hedgers through the use of intelligent technology:


·   Have you ever been being stopped out of a trade or investment just to see that market moving where you thought it would soon after being taken out?

·   Have you ever experienced a temporarily profitable trade or investment, but instead of collecting its corresponding profits on time the final result ended up quite disappointing?

·   Have you ever felt lack of confidence when planning or executing a trade or an investment?

·   Have you ever planned a trade or an investment to later on realise how subjective it actually was and that the end result was more related to luck than anything else?

·   Have you ever got stuck drawing lines on a price chart because of too many of them?

·   Have you ever got emotional while in a trade or investment and moved your stop too soon or too late?

·   Have you ever done revenge trading just to end up bitten by the market and give up in the end?


If these situations happen to you, know that our technology can certainly help.


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