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We are a trading technology company providing tools for traders, investors and hedgers.

Our clients range from individuals trading from home all the way to professionals executing trades in family offices or fund environments. We also supply our courses and technology to commercial companies looking to hedge and we work with Universities looking to enrich their students with innovative training programs and internships.

We develop and maintain trading technology that help traders gain and maintain an edge in the marketplace. We teach and coach traders aiming to have them acquire a complete understanding on how the markets work before they are guided into proper directed practice to take such knowledge and have it transform into a powerful set of skills.

We are always ready for the market, for its opportunities and for its people. We are deeply inspired by a famous quote from Gordon Gekko in the movie Wall Street: “Money never sleeps, pal.” To us this means that being adaptable and dynamic in an ever-changing world is critical to support our clients professionally.

While our clients can be found in all parts of the world, we are located in one of the key financial hubs in Asia: in Singapore.

We are the engine behind TradeWithUFOs

Our powerful community of users and members trading, investing and hedging with TRADDICTIV® tools. A portal which provides access to TRADDICTIV® apps and TRADDICTIV® training.

Innovative trading technology providing traders with a critical EDGE in today's markets, leveraging dynamic and adaptable tools that harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for strategic insights and superior performance.


Comprehensive educational resources, blending on-demand courses and live coaching, designed to empower traders with essential KNOWLEDGE and practical SKILLS, ensuring confidence in the ever-evolving world of trading.


What other professionals are saying

The tools provided by Traddictiv will elevate your trading and save you time
Fang Y.
Monex Group
I am using the UFOs to decide where I am going to put my stops
J.C. Feo
Head Trader & Options Principal
Removing the emotions from trading
G. Sanchez
TradeStation Technologies Inc

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